At this central point, the quality, stability, performance and ultimately the costs are decided. Customer satisfaction is then the benefit. Therefore, besides the architecture, development is a very important instance in which all problems are reflected.

Over the years we have developed a completely different perspective, which allows us to assess developments from a wide variety of areas.
What are the topics that always have to be considered in the overall context?









We learned to develop on a deasaster tolerant OpenVMS system. Since this system basically does not allow any errors or expresses the many shortcomings very clearly, our developments are fundamentally based on a completely different technological level. Downtime is not an option for us. To achieve this, we invest a lot of energy in solutions that run through many years of error-free and highly optimized.
In doing so, we consider a large number of eventualities, resulting from over 30 years of experiences. Accordingly, our developments are of the highest quality and flexibility.

Programming languages

We can offer you the most diverse programming languages.

Assembler, Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, C, C++, (Java), VBA, VBA-Makro

As well as the most diverse script languages. Additional languages ​​can be implemented extremely quickly on the existing basis.


We develop individual software according to your wishes and ideas. We support you fully and advise you with our extensive experience in order to implement a future-oriented and needs-based solution.


Are you planning to migrate and / or modernize your application to a newer technology? We even carry out such projects with the usual quality. However, we will only use technologies that guarantee performance and stability.


The “old” applications also have their right to exist. Who does not know it: "Historically grown". This application will be replaced next year. Years later this application is still alive. Why should it? Because something “old” doesn't have to be bad for a long time. However, the guts to bring the matter up to date inhibits one. Thanks to our experience in this area, we are able to use our guts and our high-quality analyzes to implement your desired application using the latest technologies.
It makes absolutely no difference which industry and technology this application comes from. Our implementation is based purely on a pragmatic and analytical approach.