Thanks to our very broad knowledge and many years of deep and practical experience, we can offer you a very extensive range of highly professional support.


Determination of the cause

Reduction of the error rate> 90%

Sustainable solution implementation

Finding very difficult runtime errors

Training courses on how to avoid mistakes in principle


Very critical point of view

Effectiveness / stability / performance / data protection

Quality (software, documentation)

Software design and ergonomics

Deasaster backup recovery


A completely different perspective

Reducing costs

Increase in efficiency

Increase in customer satisfaction


Help the environment

Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduction in operating costs

Increase in the fun factor


Support for the entire spectrum from VAX, Alpha, Itanium to X86
Versionen 5.5-2 – 9.x

Support of all operational tasks (management), including clusters

Highly responsible outsourcing on request

Very efficient individual high-performance development (cluster-capable)

Reengineering of "old" applications, including PDPs

Migrations of any kind

Porting from open source

Individual training on all aspects of OpenVMS