We can offer you cross-departmental training for decision-makers, executives and developers for the entire area within IT.

Over the years we have been able to gain very in-depth and cross-departmental practical experience. We encountered a lot of problems that don't really have to be. We have therefore decided to offer very special training courses to support you in how you can operate your IT much more efficiently.

Efficient operation

Due to our many years of cross-divisional experience, we know exactly as a highly professional company needs for requirements. Just the coordination between the Particular attention must be paid to development and application operation. Because only if this symbiosis is optimally coordinated can efficiency be increased enormously.


Waiting for feedback can affect a company's effectiveness. An increase in performance can also increase user satisfaction. Often 100% is not a problem, just know how. You can also effectively do something for climate protection in the IT area. We know the many stumbling blocks very well and can offer extensive assistance here.


Over the many years of development in disaster-tolerant systems, we expect a correspondingly high quality within the software. We know a lot of problems within development that hinder stability and performance. We can also make an extremely large contribution to the subject of “clean code”.


Bad software design can lead to economic damage. Performance can also suffer greatly as a result. SW ergonomics are also part of it, which can often be increased if you think far enough outside the box. Your gain is then an efficient increase in customer satisfaction.


Do you have such an operating system and / or would you like to use such a system in your company, so we can offer very individual training courses for this system. We have over 25 years of very profound experience within this system. From highly professional management, up to profound performance-optimized development. Furthermore, we have a lot of resources so that we can "almost" help out in all cases.

We offer very individual tailored training courses according to your wishes. Please keep in mind that many topics are interlinked. For example, the software design has a direct impact on performance.

If you have any questions, simply use the contact options.